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What is having a global business?

The fact of being a person who has been in the international world since I was very young has given me the ability to relate to people of all nationalities. There is a degree of patience and openness that you require to be able to do business or make friends with all kinds of people.

Every month I organize events for foreigners in Mexico City, to learn about their customs and above all, to help them meet new people, since they usually don't know anyone.

Given this pleasure, I have always sought to have businesses that allow me to establish international relations, and just in this 2021, ASEA came into my life.

Right during the 2021 ASEA global convention in #LasVegas I met people from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Cambodia, France, Ireland, England, Colombia. All in one place to learn from each other.

Because ASEA allows me to sell in 35 countries with one membership, I am now developing my digital marketing skills as I want to meet so many more people. Whether online or traveling the world.


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