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From January 10 to 12, 2022, I had the opportunity to be invited to Salt Lake City, United States, to the ASEA factory and corporate office. The only company that distributes Redox signaling molecules to improve our health at the cellular level; that is, those molecules help our whole body improve on its own, just like when it did when I was young.

But anyway... on this trip I didn't come so much to learn about the benefits of the product, because I already enjoy its benefits. Rather, I came to meet the founder, the directors and the great leaders of this company.

Every step of the manufacturing process is taken care of by Production Manager Scott Aldred who takes over his duties with all his heart and enthusiasm. He explained to us the process and how every detail is important, even the importance of the type of plastic in the bottle so that it can maintain the function of the product for up to a year.

Each person who spoke during the day demonstrated their love and commitment to the company's mission, which is "Improving people's lives and influencing the world for the better."

Founder Taylor Norton himself told the story of how his father started the company because of the great discovery they had made, and that it was of the utmost importance to share it with the world.

The CEO also stressed that this is the best time to integrate with ASEA, since they are only 10 years old, but in reality, they have a long-term vision of achieving worldwide distribution. We associates are its main engine, that is why it supports us to develop professionally and economically. It has a specialized area for incentive and training events.

In addition, within the ways of fulfilling their Mission, they also have an area focused on supporting the community, they made alliances with various foundations to support water cleaning; support in food, education and provision of medicines in low-income communities

It is notorious how it is that all the people who work in this company want to help people and so much so that an institutional culture of working under that objective has been created.

A very important part of the trip was interviewing Dr David Silverman, who has been promoting ASEA products for almost 10 years, he was named in the 2017 Mentor of the Year and in the 2020 Builder of the Year.

He has the rank of Triple Diamond Ambassador and although he is a highly ranked person who now enjoys great benefits within the company, he is a person willing to help all of his teams. He is filled with enthusiasm to see how people are developing and he has a great commitment to also fulfill the mission of the company.

Another of my great surprises was meeting people who have achieved the rank of Diamond, it has not been an easy task for them, but they are simple people, willing to help, they support each other, although they do not necessarily obtain a direct benefit from that help.

They received me with great enthusiasm, joy and fascination because it is not common for a person from Mexico to make this type of trip. I am infinitely grateful for the tips you gave me to share with my team.

In general, I was very surprised and very calm to know that I belong to a company with values, which are not just written to make them look nice in the company's presentation, they are a fundamental part of all its members and it is expected that the new partners also have those same values.

One of the parts that I love about belonging to this company is that it allows me to meet people from all over the world, with different cultures but who are open to making friends from anywhere in the world. In addition, from a professional point of view, this company allows us to do business in 35 countries, all from the comfort of our home.

I take a lot of homework, like training my team and creating a system for everyone to learn how to do this business. Fortunately, Director Derell Ieremia, Director of the Hispanic Market in America and Director of Training Seth Sanders are willing to support us so that everyone knows what to do and how to share this great business and products.

However, the main task is to share this great technological advance that will help improve people's health; and the business opportunity they offer so that anyone can obtain financial freedom or simply an extra income to support their family or achieve that great dream that they so desire.


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