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My story
For those who still don't know me

I was born on June 6, 1984, in a family of a mother, a father and two brothers. Who awaited me with much love and enthusiasm, since I was born 7 years after my brother Sergio.


The circumstances of my family were not very pleasant during my first years of life, since my brother Sergio died at the age of 14 (1994) and 3 years later (1997) my father. Staying my brother Antonio, my mom and me.

These events in my life marked me a lot, causing me to be a girl very focused on her studies to avoid sadness. Today, I can say that even though it all started by avoiding pain, I am reaping the fruits of my efforts. I speak 5 languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish), I graduated with honors in the Bachelor of Hospitality, also with honors in the Master of Marketing and Event Organization, which I did in Italian. Likewise, I completed a Diploma in Protocol, I was certified as a Wedding Planner by the Association of Wedding Consultants and in Marketing, Sales and customer service.  


Another fundamental part of my life, which has taught me so much, has been my travels. I have traveled for studies to learn languages to Canada, Europe and Brazil. One of the most important trips was my stay in Rome in 2009 to do my  Master's degree. That trip was a complete success, from an excellent use in my studies, to creating friendships that I maintain to this day and that today I consider my family.  


After all this preparation that life has given me, I took the courage to start my event organization agency ANA DE HARO EVENTI and in 2016 I decided to complement it with a travel agency ANA DE HARO TRAVEL.  


Also, I was fortunate to be a Professor at the UVM and with the short time I gave classes I realized that later on I will find a way to continue teaching.  


As I have advanced in my professional career, I have realized my abilities, which are not necessarily learned in a classroom, but are learned in the school of life. I have the ability to see business opportunities and make commercial alliances between companies. So, combining my knowledge in digital marketing and my ability to make alliances, I undertook LLAVE MAESTRA BIENES RAICES, I already have a team of advisors with whom we work to promote real estate in Mexico City.  

In October 2021 a new opportunity came to me, which my restless mind could not miss. Today I am an Associate of the multinational company ASEA, I promote products that help health based on molecular technology. In 2022 I will visit the factory in the United States to make all its benefits known to the entire Spanish-speaking community.  


Life takes many turns, and my story has determined me to be what I am today. In addition, I have decided to make the most of my studies, my travels, and the gifts that God gave me to do what I do now. And the truth… I LOVE WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO.

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