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My first story in Entrepreneurship

From a very young age I had the concern of having my own money, asking my mother for money for certain things that I wanted to buy me was uncomfortable for me. That's why, since high school I started my first business because I had in mind to buy an Ipod.

I saw an #opportunity in my school, the classrooms were far from the cafeteria and sometimes my classmates were lazy or simply didn't have time to go between classes to have a candy. So that's where I came in, I bought 500 pesos of candys and snacks and I sold them between classes with my classmates, I gave them credit and I took their account statement. I had to take care that the teachers didn't see me because it was forbidden, but my goal was greater. I was at school all day, there was no other way that I could generate money for what I wanted.

My mom taught me that my "pointer", better known as the Initial Investment, could not be spent; because that's where I would buy when I ran out of candys. And so it was, with the profits I bought my first Ipod at the age of 17.

Since I liked earning money, in addition to the fact that they were already looking for me and asking for me i did not stop selling, I continued until I finished high school. At the beginning of the University I couldn't do it, but halfway through my studies at the University, I started selling candies, snacks and even sandwiches; my classmates and teachers already knew I was selling. Sometimes the suitcase was all over the classroom and they just shouted at me what they had taken and I wrote them down in my little notebook so that at the end of the week they would pay me.

I don't remember specifically what I bought me anymore, but it was definitely a big help to have that extra money.

To finish I want to leave you with a question, Have you felt uncomfortable not having enough money, and would you like to have extra money to buy what you want so much?

** Here are my highschool classmates, my fist clients:-D


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